NASA Water Resources Participates in World Water Week

NASA Water Resources Associate Program Manager John Bolten co-organized a session, entitled "Using Earth Observations and Models for Improved Water Sustainability" at World Water Week in Stockholm on August 29, 2017. Other co-organizers included Andras Szollosi-Nagy (UNESCO and SWFP), Simon Langan (IIASA), Richard Lawford (NASA/Morgan State University), Matilda Gennvi Gustafsson (Ericsson). The session, which was sponsored by NASA, brought together experts in remote sensing, big data processing, information and communications technologies, Internet of Things platforms, water policy, scenario development, innovative water management strategies, and monitoring technologies. An estimated 60 participants attended the session and engaged in the discussions following four presentations. The presentations and discussion were supportive of the often-repeated observation, “if you can’t measure water, you can’t manage water.”