NASA Disasters Program featured at the Esri Federal GIS Conference

The NASA Disasters Program was highlighted at Esri’s Federal Geographic Information System (GIS) conference plenary session on Tuesday, January 29, 2019 in Washington, D.C. The presentation was viewed by several thousand conference attendees and introduced the audience to the breadth of work in NASA’s earth science program. Jack Dangermond, the founder and owner of Esri, described how different agencies were utilizing their GIS products to respond to disasters through story maps. Dangermond featured a slide which included NASA’s response efforts to the Kilauea Eruption, Hurricane Florence, and California Wildfire story maps. Later in the presentation, the Disasters Portal was also shown as part of a “success story” of content feeding into FEMA’s GeoPlatform, created as a result of the Geospatial Data Act. The NASA Disasters Program will also be hosting a Special Interest Group meeting at the conference on Wednesday, January 30. This will serve as an opportunity to highlight the program’s important work during 2018, as well as provide an overview of the program, the NASA Disasters Portal and an opportunity to engage and learn from stakeholders.

The Kilauea Eruption, Hurricane Florence, and California Wildfires Story Maps are shown in the bottom right.

The NASA Disasters Portal is shown in the bottom right as feeding into FEMA’s Disasters GeoPlatform.