TROPICS Applications Workshop


Monday, May 8, 2017 to Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Meeting Location: 

Miami, Florida

Description and Details: 

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NASA has a number of missions related to hurricane measurement as part of the Weather Focus Area at NASA HQ and applications for these missions, funded through the Applied Science Program.  This meeting will allow for face-to-face networking with a number of potential end-users for the newly-funded TROPICS Venture Class mission.

The TROPICS mission will provide rapid-refresh microwave measurements over the tropics that can be used to observe the temperature, moisture, and precipitation structure for storm systems over their entire lifecycles.  TROPICS will be comprised of a constellation of microsatellites that will offer an unprecedented combination of spatial and temporal resolution to measure environmental and inner-core conditions for tropical cyclones on a nearly global scale and is a profound leap forward in the capability to continuously monitor high-impact meteorological events such as tropical cyclones.  TROPICS will demonstrate that a satellite constellation approach to earth science can provide improved resolution, configurable coverage (e.g. tropics, near global, or global), flexibility, reliability, and launch access at extremely low cost, thereby serving as a model for future missions.

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Meeting Objectives

  • Review TROPICS data applications in the Applied Science Program elements
  • Introduce broad community of potential end-users to expected value of TROPICS by reviewing mission specifications and status
  • Provide a forum for applied researchers and operational decision makers to share insight into how observations from TROPICS can be used in their organizations
  • Begin establishment an early adopter community that can be used to highlight potential TROPICS applications and accelerate post-launch application


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