Gi4DM 2019 Conference: GeoInformation for Disaster Management


Tuesday, September 3, 2019 to Friday, September 6, 2019

Meeting Location: 

Prague, Czech Republic

Description and Details: 

The world has experienced several devastating disasters in this century. First an earthquake of a very high magnitude, then tsunami followed by heavy rain flows, floods and landslides which are common occurrences. These are situations where even the most advanced EWS cannot make a significant difference. Therefore, most of the potential to mitigate such a disaster in the future would have to be in the field of vulnerability reduction by adaptation, e.g. in urban planning and construction, based on risk and vulnerability maps.

Another question is the quality and coordination of disaster mapping activities to support response measures. We should coordinate here all efforts globally as most of the disasters nowadays affect the trans boundaries. The geoinformation technologies should help in all facets of disaster management. An international effort in this direction is the Gi4DM series of conferences. The first conference was held in 2005 in Delft after the Indian Ocean tsunami and is repeated every year in almost all parts of the world. The upcoming conference in next September 2019 will demonstrate the last international advances in geoinformation regarding the disaster management.

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