Hurricane Imaging Radiometer.

  • Provides unique observations of sea surface wind, temperature, and rain
  • Advances understanding and predictability of hurricane intensity
  • Enhances Stepped Frequency Microwave Radiometer capabilities
  • Uses synthetic thinned array technology of Lightweight Rain Radiometer

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Latest Updates

October 23, 2015
Tropical Cyclone Intensification (TCI) HIRAD Instrument
Report from Dan Cecil/HIRAD PI: Takeoff today was at 1808 UTC, the WB-57 should get over the storm around 20 UTC (3 CDT).   Data collection has gone smoothly so far, and initial processing of data from the first flight (Wednesday) was also nominal.   Data from the second flight was just downloaded this morning, during preparations for today’s flight. Landfall expected tonight, therefore WB-57 will not fly 24 Oct as TCI is an over water mission