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Attendees in a roundtable discussion.

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The “Strengthening Disaster Risk Reduction Across the Americas. A regional summit on the contribution of Earth Observations” was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina September 3-8, 2017. The summit successfully brought together representatives from across the “supply chain” for Disaster Risk Reduction, from Earth Observation data providers, to researchers, to disaster manager end-users.  Through a series of workshops, trainings, a table-top exercise simulation and joint activities, participants collaborated toward improved end-to-end flow of data and information from providers to practitioners, to decision makers and to those able to take critical action. By having a diversity of key players engaged at the same time, participants gained meaningful new contacts, increased understanding of capabilities, and advanced integrated work plans to protect lives, property, economies, trade, and security. 

David Green gives a talk at the summit.The Summit’s initial goals were the following:

  • Strengthening capacities of stakeholders in DRR using EOs in the Americas context
  • Creating an Americas network for exchanging effective practices and taking action
  • Developing and disseminating information contextualized in the Americas region
  • Capturing tangible and actionable steps to improve outcomes before the next disaster occurs

We hope that we achieved the goals of the Summit, but recognize that this gathering was only the first step! Now the real work begins. It is our desire that this unique community can continue to share information, develop joint projects and work plans, and help improve communications in an effort to be better positioned to respond to the next disaster.