Argentina Flooding 2017

Start Date

March 29, 2017


The NASA Disasters Program is assisting Argentinian authorities to respond to torrential rains and flooding in southern Argentina.  The rains began at the end of March and have caused the Dulce and Chico Rivers to overflow, affecting cities in that area.  The City of Comodoro Rivadavia has been particularly hard hit, with estimates that up to 80% of the City has been destroyed by the floods and mudslides after the City received more than a year of rain in less than a week. 

The NASA Disasters Program will furnish stream flow and inundation predictions and flood maps generated from synthetic aperture radar data from ESA’s Sentinel-1 mission.

Latest Updates

April 17, 2017
GFMS flood detection map for 2017 Argentina floods
Overview of northern Argentina floods on April 17th 2017  Model inundation estimates at 1 km. Forecasted rainfall for the next 3 days. Resulting flood forecast overview for April 20th 2017...
April 11, 2017
Flood extent map from the 2017 floods in Argentina.
This is a draft map using two (Terra and Aqua) NASA MODIS WorldView scenes from April 11, 2017. Water was classified using an "isodata" unsupervised classification method (7-17 classes, three iterations, three classes were combined into one "water" class). A before scene is shown above for comparison purposes, but no change detection approach has been used so far. There are abundant "false water" areas shown; this map will be revised to remove these errors. Data processing of Sentinel 1 SAR scenes is in progress. Many rivers in this dry region of the Pampas are ephemeral and ofter without...